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Alastair Herd Photography has worked closely with Edwin Thompson since 2017 and provides 4K aerial videos of farms and small holdings. Also provides internal and external photography and videography of Edwin Thompson properties which as been seen as a big success with marketing the properties with some of the larger farms being viewed on social media over 25,000 times. 

Check out some of the  videography that Alastair has undertaken for Edwin Thompson since 2017.

The Stackyard
Bank Farm
Gatesgarth Cottage, Buttermere

Alastair Herd Photography has worked with C&D Rural since 2019 providing them mainly with aerial photography for their properties and farms they have for sale or let. Alastair also provides the occasional aerial video for the C&D team as well when specific properties come up for sale. 

Take a look at a few examples of Alastair work that he has undertaken for C&D Rural.