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The Giraffe Network

The Giraffe Network is unlike any other networking group. We’re not just here to sell our products or promote our business, but rather to form a trusting relationship with other businesses across North Cumbria. Through this building of trust, we can then combine our skills and contacts, and reach more businesses in the area.

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The Sugar Shed print your images onto Lake District wood. Offering unique, memorable gifts and that personal touch

The Sugar Shed was founded in 2015 with the aim to show photos in a unique, personal and 'wow' factor way.

The Sugar Shed products are a beautiful way to show off these moments, made using UK wood sourced in the beloved Lake District, each Sugar Shed piece is bespoke, hand-finished, and supports local woodlands and small businesses.

We have teamed up with The Sugar Shed to create a special series of aerial photographs printed on wood.

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H&H Insurance Brokers

We are delighted to be a Business Partner with H&H Insurance Brokers.

Insurance is on of these things that get forgotten about until its to late. Don't wait to longer and get your insurance sorted we always like to support local and when crisis hits the last thing you want to deal with is being on hold for hours. Speak to someone local who is a specialist in their field and get the right advice. 

If you are needing insurance speak to us and we'll get the right person you need and take of that hassle from you. 

If you have 5 minutes take a look out our article in their magazine 

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